About Charo

About Charo

Charo is a graphic designer and illustrator with over 20 years of experience in the editing, phar- maceutical, and consumer product industries. She specializes in producing images and pieces of work which respond to her clients’ needs, and which at the same time, transmit the message why they were created. During the last 11 years, Charo has developed her entrepreneurial side in the graphic field in Venezuela, by founding Centro Gráfico Letonia, where she has been able to create a client portfolio of national and well-known multinational companies.

Charo has dedicated most of her career to successfully apply art as a vehicle for expressing ideas in the corporate and editorial world, as well as for the indigenous communities. This has allowed Charo to become an integral professional, with a particular and unique vision of the impact of her work in diverse audiences.

Charo is an artist who is highly committed to her clients. Her value comes from being able to effortlessly translate clients’ needs into concrete materials which produce concrete, tangible results and value added. Charo is also a natural mentor for other artist and graphic designers, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Charo graduated from Graphic design at the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas.

On a more personal note, Charo enjoys sports, travel, cooking, culture, nature, woodwork, music, a good conversation and of course to LIVING LIFE!

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